Newspaper Articles
"Best Building to Turn Into Lofts" by Kristin Palm, MetroTimes, March 18, 1998

"Netropolis" by Sandy Jaszczak, MetroTimes, March 11, 1998

"Library Shuts" by Casey Coston, MetroTimes, March 4, 1998

"Demolition may trigger deadly dust" by Jeremy Pearce, Detroit News, February 19, 1998

"Rubble-rousing rumors" by Casey Coston, MetroTimes, February 11, 1998

"Night Moves" Preservation, January/February, 1998

"Who's Minding the Store?" by George Cantor, Preservation, January/February, 1998

"The 'Hudson's Building' is Truly Relevant and Exciting Documentary Filmaking-Well Done!" MetroTimes Review, November 19, 1997 Listing of Local Show Dates

"Work halted at vacant Hudson's" by Jennifer Dixon, Detroit Free Press, November 1, 1997

"Last-ditch effort made to save Hudson's building" by Mark Puls, Detroit News, October 31, 1997

"Conversations / Shawn Santo: Hugging Hudson's" by Patty LaNoue Stearns, Detroit Free Press, August 24, 1997

"Hudson's store destined for dust" by Lekan Oguntoyinbo, Detroit Free Press, February 6, 1997

"Downtown Showdown" by Curt Guyette, MetroTimes, February 5, 1997

"Hudson's building worth more study, historic adviser says" by Lekan Oguntoyinbo, Detroit Free Press, February 3, 1997

"Muscled Out" by Curt Guyette, MetroTimes, July 16, 1997

"Puzzling It Out–Putting together the pieces of Detroit's downtown plan" MetroTimes, June 4, 1997

"Piece by Piece" (Introduction)

"The Partnership puzzle" by Curt Guyette

"Passport To Power: C. Beth DunCombe" by John Gallagher

"Passport To Power: Smith, Hinchman & Grylls" by John Gallagher

"Passport To Power: Big Three Automakers" by Ann Mullen

"Passport To Power: Dickinson, Wright, Moon, Van Dusen & Freeman" by John Gallagher

"Planner envisions (just one) downtown" by John Gallagher

"What about City Council?" by Ann Mullen

"Randy Alexander: Necessary Vision" The Left Bank, Volume 5, 1997

"The Hudson's Parade" Rearview Mirror, Detroit News

"How J.L. Hudson changed the way we shop" by Vivian M. Baulch, Rearview Mirror, Detroit News

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