Excerpt from Netropolis

"Fighting City Hall"

March 11, 1998

by Sandy Jaszczak, MetroTimes

Save Hudson's www.savehudsons.org

Now at a new site, the "Save Hudson's" Web site was recently launched by the Hudson's Redevelopment Committee in an effort to collect and disseminate information about stopping the demolition of the Hudson's building in downtown Detroit.

While work crews are busy readying the 2.3-million-square-foot structure for possible implosion (scheduled for June), the committee is burning midnight oils to put a stop to it. It wants to halt demolition until potential redevelopment proposals have been requested and reviewed by the city. The City Council approved plans last year to allocate $12 million to $15 million in public funding to clear the Hudson's site to make way for a new, private development project.

The Web site, constructed by Dan Kosmowski, reads like a well-written legal brief, but without all the legalese. Lots of references and links regarding some of the issues at hand. The details are fascinating.