This statement is an explanation of my affirmative vote in favor of the Resolution approving the demolition of the Hudson's building. As late as last week, I opposed demolition of the building. My opposition was based on the fact that the administration and planning agencies in the City had not yet revealed their overall plans for the site in question. I stand unequivocally opposed to spot development. Development in our downtown area and the City at large should be considered within an overall vision. At the time the resolution was presented to us last week, the City Council had not been apprised of an overall planning vision.

However, since that time I have had discussions with the Administration and Greater Downtown Partnership. I have been assured that the demolition of the Hudson's building is intricate in the overall scheme of Downtown development. Further, I have been advised that the Woodward Corridor will be an area of mixed development encompassing; office, residential, retail, and light entertainment uses. Additionally, the administration agreed to improve communication and keep the Council apprised of the ongoing planning process for the City. Therefore, I am voting to approve demolition of the Hudson's building as it is an important piece in the continued resurgence of the City.