Your Support Is Needed!
Legal costs are mounting in the fight to save the historic J.L. Hudson building!

If you, like those of the Hudson's Building Redevelopment Committee, are disturbed by the unjust, tragic disappearance of Detroit's historic and memorable landmarks, specifically the J.L. Hudson building, you, too, can help.

In an effort to continue their legal battle against the City of Detroit, the Hudson's Building Redevelopment Committee encourages financial support of the Lower Woodward Housing Coalition. Your strong, non-profit financial support and endorsement of these legal actions against the City of Detroit to save the J.L. Hudson building are urgently needed, gladly accepted and most appreciated.

Your contributions will help in a multitude of ways. No matter what the amount may be, the following list contains a small sample of how your dollars will help in deferring court costs:

Please make all checks and money orders payable to:

The Lower Woodward Housing Coalition
P.O. Box 441484
Detroit 48244

For more information, please e-mail

Thank you for your support of this worthwhile cause! Detroit's historic buildings are just that: Historic. Let's preserve Detroit's history for future generations before it's too late!